Book Review of a Change of Heart

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This book relates on the one hand the story how the author, a lawyer, worked against the killer of her sister, brother-in-law and their unborn child.

On the other hand, Bishop tells the story of her change of heart toward this murderer. She accomplished it through forgiveness and compassion.

In our world today, we find people who follow the two sides of the actions of Bishop in this story. When a person murders, there are those who seek vengeance  in the form of the death sentence. Such vengeance has belonged to the past.

Growing today is another viewpoint which is that of forgiveness.  It is similar to the change of heart which took place with Jeanne Bishop. This viewpoint desires abolition of the death sentence.  The mercy of Bishop would seem to some as the main thing to do in light of the compassion of Jesus.  It brings to mind the forgiveness of Jesus toward the woman taken in adultery, for example.  Others were ready to put her death through stoning.  To her, Jesus said: “Go and sin no more.”

Jeanne Bishop works as a lawyer in the Office of the book County Defender in Illinois. She is a fine writer and a Presbyterian. She writes and speaks on the prevention of gun violence and on doing away with the death penalty and on the subject of mercy.

Her book is moving and easy to read. It recalls the forgiveness which the Amish showed to the murderer of school children of their community. It brings to mind the mercy of the families of victims of the shootings at the church in South Carolina. This kind of mercy was not second-hand.  It came naturally to them.

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