The Effect of One Hello

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When I was in elementary school, I came into contact with students who seldom talked. In class, they never spoke, unless the teacher spoke first to them. Sometimes, they had difficulty answering the teacher’s question, because they were not used to talking with others.

They didn’t have problems with conversing with students during recess. This situation gave me the opportunity to get acquainted with them. They didn’t come from homes where their parents encouraged them to do their homework and to attend meetings of groups outside of their homes. These children didn’t even talk much with their own family members.

Through all of this, I noticed the effect which one “hello” could have upon them. It made them feel less lonely and as if someone cared about them. It caused some bonding to occur between them and me. During recess, I got to know them better.  One of them had a younger brother who was ill.  Another had a sister who had difficulty in reading. This caused her to fail one grade.

“Hello” can open up new worlds to us.  If we are used to being outgoing, perhaps it takes us longer to realize that some are not this way. When we see that others need to be drawn out, it helps us to realize that any efforts we make in opening doors creates a bond between them and us. This is the effect of saying “hello.”

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