Why Can’t We Be A Little More Polite? (How Little Matters in Our Lives Can Relate to Peace)

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It might sound strange to think that politeness relates to peace. Yet, when we take a closer look at it, we find that it does.

“How can that possibly be?” you might ask.

Politeness means treating others with respect and dignity in everyday life.  From what I can observe, such an attitude has occurred more in our everyday lives in the past than today. A friend told me about something which happened to her recently. Her story relates to this.

“I was walking down the street that I live on. I was out for my regular afternoon walk. Someone was getting ready to get out of the car he was riding in. He was the passenger, not the driver. I saw something he couldn’t see. It was a small rock. If that passenger stepped on it, he would have a bad accident.  I ran over to alert him.”

“You saved me from a fall. And, it would have been bad.”  He looked at me, smiled, and thanked me.

“I felt good that I had alerted him.”

I took this story and thought about it. The person who was going to get out of his car, would’ve had a serious accident, if the friend of mine hadn’t warned him of the rock which was lying outside his car.

Ir lay in the path where he would get out of his car. If he had gotten out, he would’ve have a serious accident. It would’ve cost him a lot of money, a stay in the hospital, and rehabilitation. The fact that one person showed politeness to him meant that his life was saved, in a way.

I took this story home and related it to other incidents. When I sit outside on the front porch, sometimes I will play an instrument. I do not do that for attention. I do it to practice and to make a connection with others.

Playing like that can cause someone to say “hello” to me and to create a contact. This means that if I do this more often, more connecting will take place. Maybe, more peacemaking will then occur. I do hope so. I wish I could play outside daily.  Because of other needs in my life. I cannot. But, this relates to peace, doesn’t it.

Every little thing we do can relate to peace. Every little act means something.

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